Hey guys so I just bought a mesa oversized 412 for dirt cheap, I had an egnator Armageddon before and I was wondering can I run both of these at once? I have a bugera 333xl infin (no Bugera jokes please) the amp has a switch to change the ohm to so I can have to outputs for either 16,8, or 4. I know the boogie runs 8 mono and I can run my egnator at 16 mono, so would it be safe to switch my head to the 8 ohm setting and connect one cable to the boogie and the other to the egnator? Any help would be great thanks
An 8 ohm cab in parallel with a 16 ohm cab will work out at about 5 ohm. So switch you amp to 4 ohm and you should be ok. However, the 8 ohm cab will be receiving more power which may work for or against you depending on preference.
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