As you know, we start to use internet in our everyday lives and sometimes, I, myself like to take a break and look around once in awhile.

It's like a drug addiction and you just can't get enough of it.

I have been on internet for solid 4 years everyday and when I attempted to stay off the result was 3 weeks.

Not bad.

a week maybe. a few years ago.

not really feasible for me to try this at this point, though. sure, i could limit myself so i wouldn't be browsing on the internet, but ultimately i need to have internet access in some form so i can pay my bills and do other essential bullshit.
i dont have internet in my apartment or a lot of time to go to the library, so i go pretty long stretches. it was probably a month to 2 months at a time until i switched my shift at work.
I don't know, however long my longest stay abroad was... two weeks maybe? Either way, it's not hards as long as you have shit to do, it only becomes a problem when you're bored

Gozd in gora poj,
silen ženimo hrup,
uboga gmajna, le vpup, le vkup,
le vkup, le vkup z menoj,
staro pravdo v mrak tulimo,
da se pretulimo skozi to zimo
I didn't use the internet at all until I was like 12 or 13. Didn't have a connection at home until i was 16(56k modem, yay).
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like a week cause i was on vacation and couldn't be bothered
i think i manage my time on the internet decently
2 weeks when I was on holiday, but that was like 7 years ago and I didn't have a smartphone
I have nothing important to say
as a kid, ages.

recently, a fortnight. due to work.
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