Okay, so here's my current setup: Fender Wireless Guitar Unit -> Boss TU-3 Tuner -> Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah -> Wampler Ego Compressor -> Barber Gain Changer -> Fulltone OCD -> Boss TR-2 Tremelo -> Vox Delay Lab. Pedals are powered by Voodo Labs Iso-5. I use single coil p'ups and a single-channel tube amp on everything. Now, here is my issue. Before adding the ego compressor I had very little noise coming from my rig, even when I would turn on my OCD with high peak engaged and gain on 3:00. When I turn on the Ego Compressor along with either overdrive two things happen: the tone sounds nice and sweet/punchy and I get a bunch of noise out of my rig. Can anyone help me figure out how to keep the compressor engaged without the noise?
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i haven't tried the ego, but compressors often add a lot of noise, especially if used with distortion

you could try a noise gate?
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