So, my guitar is about four years old, and I only started playing about 14 months ago. I want to get it setup, because as far as I know, its never had one. Can anyone recommend any good setup places in or around Edmonton, Alberta? What should I look for in a setup offer?

I enjoy playing in Drop C, but I'm worried that if I go up Drop D after getting it setup for C, the strings will start snapping. Will that actually happen?

I have a Denstone guitar (not sure what model) 22 fret, three single pickups, saddle trem. bridge w/ 10 gauge Fender strings.
I haven't had good luck with fender strings. D'addario , Dunlop , GHS and Ernie Ball are 4 brands to check out off the top of my head. Just remember 10 gauge is 10 gauge if it's nickle plated steel (your common fender strings). Some brands last longer than others. The #1 reason I had strings break when I started was re-tuning or going up and down in tunings. But a good set of tuners go a long way. A nut and saddles too. But start small.

Setups aren't too hard. Check out a few youtube videos or some guys on here can help you out better than I can as Im visual. The idea with a setup in my own words I'm not super technical is straightening the neck getting rid of say bows in the neck and doing intonation. Setups can get rid of a bit of buzz but not all. To eliminate buzz completely you need to get frets leveled in a guitar but that is expensive. When you get your guitar setup tell them the string gauge you play and tuning you play in. If you change tunings a lot the question is, is a setup worth it? I wouldn't bother. You'd have to constantly re-intonate your guitar and re-adjust the trussrod.

My friend lives in Edmonton. Axe Music is where I'd probably check out first. They do all his setups, pickup swaps and all.

last resort try Long and Mcquade. People have been going there for a really long time as they are Canada's guitar center in regards to guitars. Although I've heard some guitar techs there dented the guitars by accident and or didn't put the same screws on their guitars when they were done how over worked (or little they care)
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