Came across a Fender w a scalloped neck, light strings. How exactly does a scalloped neck help a shredder?
The idea is that it theoretically improves the control the player has over the strings because it's easier to grab a string in mid-air, than it is when it's against a flat surface. It also makes it easier to bend the strings because your fingers don't drag against the surface of the fingerboard.

Whether or not its better is entirely subjective.

I've played a guitar with a scalloped fingerboard before, and I don't really like it. Feels too weird. It's very easy to bend the strings sharp by fretting too hard and slides are harder to do smoothly. And because very few guitars have scalloped boards, I don't feel much incentive to get used to them either. Jumbo frets are a better compromise in my opinion.
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if you play with a light touch then a scalloped board can be great. if you fret hard then you'llhave all kinds of issues. they do indeed give you better control (same idea as tall frets) provided of course you use proper technique. you can also do some cool icro bends that you'd have a harder time doing on a regualr board.
Yeah, basically you can do wild, awesome bends if you have the proper technique.

Plus, it sets you apart slightly from other players, like a 7 string guitar would.
I want one but without means to try one, it's not worth it to chamce buying one. I don't live anywhere near guitar stores.

Frankly it will be good for bends and fast 3-noting and so on, if you play lightly. I have looked into it and it's up in the air if it helps you play faster. Chords are hard.
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I have a scalloped board on my main guitar and i love it. It's great for legato runs and bending and really allows you to add subtle nuanced style to your playing. But it does require a higher degree of control--if your bends aren't always accurate then a scalloped fretboard just won't be for you because it magnifies every mistake you make and can actually be pretty unforgiving in that regard.

If you've been playing for many years and have a lot of experience, id say sure try it out, but do not blindly buy. If you're still relatively new to the instrument and haven't been playing very long (like three or less years) then don't even go near it
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