Recently I've been learning the Hendrix/Frusciante thumb technique where you play a barre chord but you use your thumb to play or mute some of the lower strings. I can place my thumb in the right position (I think) but i can't get my other fingers in the right position or press down hard enough. Does anyone know this technique and have any tips? (Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong board but apparently because I'm new its the only one i can post on).
What guitar are you playing? The shape of the neck makes a pretty big difference to how manageable the Hendrix grip is.

Mostly it's a matter of practice, but ultimately you do have to be aware that there's only so much you can do with the technique - it's possible to replace a full 6-string barre chord with thumb-over neck, but it's often more practical to omit the A string, especially since the chief advantage of thumb-over-neck is giving your other fingers freedom to move. Also think about how much thumb is necessary, i.e. if you're playing a moveable C shape chord muting with your thumb only requires you to touch the side of the string.

Without seeing what it looks like when you do it, that's probably all the advice I can offer, but I'll try to answer any questions you have, since I'm quite a fan of the technique.
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