Even thought its not metal I like playing Slash´s solos. Especially Sweet child o mine is great and not much difficult.
C.C. DeVille from Poison has some solos that are very melodically pleasing, so I enjoy playing those.
747 (Strangers In The Night)
...And The Bands Played On
To Hell And Back Again

All easy and all fun to play.
I enjoy playing anything by Marty Friedman and Syu. Fast paced finger twisting melodic solos in general catch my ear.
Marty Friedman is GOD!

curently in a SEX MACHINEGUNS and X JAPAN phase AND Galneryus AND Anthem phase

damn J-Metal, why you so awesome

My Gear:

Schecter Hellraiser V-1 fr
Ibanez RG321mh
Fender GDC-200sce
Peavey Vypyr 30 w/ sanpera 1
Some great solos to play:

Aces High, Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner and Powerslave from Maiden. They are very accessible metal solos.

Lenny from SRV - this solo, and practically the whole tune is a solo, sounds great on its own and covers the whole fretboard and various pickup selections. Great solo for those looking to learn how to mix up major and minor.

SRV - Little Wing - his best work - 5 minutes of soloing madness.

Satriani - pretty much all of his older solos are super fun to play : Surfing with the Alien, Satch Boogie, Crushing Day - all great solos

Slash : November Rain and Night train have some great solos

Sultans of Swing and Brothers in Arms from Dire Straits - classics!

Another Brick in The Wall and Shine on you Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd.

Hendrix - Red House (Are you experienced album version) - ferocious blues solo. Hey Joe - amazing phrasing and a simple solo. Voodoo Chile ( the long blues version, not the wah wah version )

Zeppellin - Stairway to heaven - it's a cliche for a reason - great solo and very accessible.

War Pigs - Sabbath - very accessible

Tornado of Souls - Megadeth - not accessible for beginners at all, but Marty Friedman's best work - my favorite metal solo of all time.

Testament - Disciples of the Watch - Alex Skolnick at his best.