Sooo...yea...based off the title, things aren't going so smooth really.

It's nothing really MAJOR, although it is something I find really bothersome.

So I go to tune my guitar to Drop C#, I use a tuner, and when I'm done, it sounds great. I'm sure I've nailed it. I've checked and double checked, the tuner says it's all good! I go to play a few chords, mess around with some chords, e.t.c.. Then I go to play a song. When the song comes on, my guitar always sounds so...off. It always sounds a bit under Drop C#, but not being as low as Drop C. It's like my guitar tunes itself a half of a half step down or something. In between Drop C and Drop C#. So I go to tune it again, and the tuner says I'm write. Now, this isn't an actual tuner, it's the tuner on HowToTuneYourGuitar.org. I tune it to almost perfection, my strings sound exactly the same. Now, I've been using this website for about a year, and I've had no problems. Only now is my guitar doing funky stuff and making playing along to songs kinda cringey and stuff. I have this thing where, if my guitar doesn't sound in sync with the guitar in the song, it'll drive me crazy.

And it's driving me insane.

I tune it to perfection, only to realize that...it's just under the tuning. It's the right amount that it's noticeable. Very noticeable.

I've also tried an actual tuner, and that said I was all fine too!


Please help. Pleeaseee D:
Sometimes bands play their songs a few cents sharp/flat of a standardised tuning.

Machine Head is an example.

You should also check the guitar's intonation.
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Yeah, intonation is one thing, and also not sure if I understand it right, but often when tuning down or up, the strings tend to go a bit out of tune after playing for a moment, so I usually tune to whatever different tuning I want to tune, play for a few seconds and if it sounds horrible, check again and correct. After that it usually stays there.
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Sometimes bands play their songs a few cents sharp/flat of a standardised tuning.

+1. Lots of recordings are intentionally off, or sped up/slowed down, or the band wasn’t in tune at all.

And if you’re using free tablature from the internet don’t assume it’s correct. I’ve seen plenty of tabs that are in the wrong key. Just because somebody can use a tab editor doesn’t mean that he isn’t tone deaf.
Intonation is something I would check.
Tune to the record.Only the God's know what was done to the song in processing.

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