So I have a Jackson RR5 that's seen better days. Pretty much all the metal on it (frets, tuners, bridge) has rusted. How much would it generally cost to replace all those? Should I just cut my losses and try to get whatever cash I can for the guitar?

I've seen used RR5s go for 550-650 so that's about what it would be worth to try to salvage it.
If you like the guitar, then sure. Go for it.

You can polish frets very easily with metal polish.

If the hardware on the guitar is (was) all gold, then that'll explain why it looks so corroded. The quality of the plating on gold hardware is nearly always poor because it's highly porous on a microscopic level. Any corrosion that occurs tends to gather in the pores of the plating, causing the plating to flake off piece by piece. It's just what gold-plated hardware does.

How much it'll cost to replace all the hardware completely depends on what you're specifically considering for the replacement.
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this is honestly a lot of fun, like toodeepblue said polish the frets. I did on my main guitar the other day after a year or so (scalloped fretboards are awesome).

top to bottom

so tuners
grover mini rotomatics are very nice and I recommend them as they are so easy to get.
you'd want 10mm ones, so standard sized not "Vintage"
regular or locking, it's preference as it seems they are all 18:1 now
tuners are so easy to replace that there's no point to pay someone to replace them

you can even just buy replacement knobs for the tuners from taiwan they are called buttons

micro mesh pads are what I recommend for polishing frets. If you can buy the individual pads all the power to you I worked on 50 or so guitars minimum before I changed the micro mesh pads. They look small but they do the trick. Tape off the fretboard if you want to be really professional when polishing the frets to prevent scratches.

a guitar fretboard cleaning kit does wonders too by Dunlop for example

the bridge, if it's a tuneomatic it's so easy anyone can do it. If it's a floyd rose .. this is a little tricky but a bit of measuring and knowing the string gauge goes a long way. Since the RR5 is indonesian , indian or chinese (its been a while since i saw a 5 of any jackson model). You want/need a floyd rose special or higher. If you can get a floyd rose original 1000 for around 100$ american on ebay you usually get a locking nut and all. The thing about 1000s is they are OEM (not sold to the public) so they are tricky to get unless you got a guitar with one that had it. PRS , certain BC Rich and LTD or schecters for example.

the Jackson low profile tremolo , the special and the korean original 1000 are all interchangeable. I've had about 10 or so Jacksons personally. The 1000 is the nicer of the three mentioned.

don't forget the brass big block if your guitar has a floyd rose. I don't know what I'd do without mine. However, how good are the ones on guitar fetish is the question? some have the brass blocks already installed.

metal knurled knobs are a dime a dozen on ebay.. well not really dime a dozen but again you can have fun with this.
if there is no set screw or allen key holes go push on
split shaft i believe the term is , is for the ones that require it
qparts.com for higher end ones by the way

if you've floated a floyd rose tremolo before I can give you some tips to make swapping the floyd rose super easy. Send me a private message if you prefer.
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