Hey guys, just wanted to share bit of my band’s instrumental demo tracks. We were quite hungover when we recorded this, but we needed to get some tracks online so we could start our search for a singer, which so far has been pretty fruitless, though next week we will be auditioning a few more people.

We are entirely pieced together from Craigslist and have been together for 2-3 months now. Our backgrounds are a bit different, but we all love Deftones, Thrice, Circa Survive, Quicksand, Hot Water Music and At the Drive-In. I think our goal is to play heavy, ambient modern rock with a bit of 90s grunge and stoner rock thrown in. Smashing Pumpkins and ISIS would probably be some other relevant influences.

Recordings are sketchy, but we made due with what we could. As soon as we get a vocalist we’re gonna have another try at it, with more time devoted to guitar tracking, and a few more close mics on the drums.


Thanks to anyone that takes the time to listen. Criticism is much appreciated, but try to keep it to the songs themselves and not so much the recording. I know I could do better, I just wasn’t too worried about it, as it is supposed to just be a rough demo.