Its been a LONG while since i've started a thread. But its time I get New pickups for my RG8. Funny its been almost a year since my posts on my new guitar pursuit.. Some of you guys were a big help working out some of the details in my purchase and in the setup on the guitar. The stig and others were a really big help.

I was eventually satisfied with the setup of the guitar and stock pickups. but when it came to a metal sound, I still hadnt gotten close to what I bought the guitar for. I filed the nut for heavier strings so an immediate turn around on the guitar was not possible without redoing the nut. I wasnt gonna pay for that to sell, so I hung onto it and hardly played it. Im having a last go at it and am finally gonna put some active pickups in it. Just the bridge to start.

Now to the point. Looking at EMG's (surprise!!) but saw there is now an 808, 808X, and an 85-8X. Now I'm really confused. I have 85-81 standard in my agile baritone they're good. like them with that guitar. I also have the 85X-81X combo in my LTD, Love them and feel like I do notice the headroom difference between the two. So which ones for my RG8. The 808, 808X, or the 85-8X? I had trouble finding decent reviews and am turning to my guitar community for help. Thanks all for the help in advance.
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Need help choosing pickups for my RG8

Honestly, your "guitar community" probably isn't going to do much more than tell you what they have or what they heard somewhere on the net that someone else (who may be quoting someone else, who many be...) liked.

For example, some years ago I managed to snag a set of AHB (SD Blackouts) prototypes before they went on the market, and decided I liked those better than EMGs. Still do. My suggestion is to think outside the Guitar Denter box and go on an active, real-life boots-on-the-ground hunt and see and listen to what's out there.