• An interesting Video (Greek spoken - English translation) that might help you solve hum problems from your guitar .
• On internet you will find many complaints , problems such as:
• '' There is a constant hum in the amplifier, which usually decreases when I touch the metal end of the connector cable ... .. ' '
• this video is the cause to discuss guitar hum problem experiences either from Piezo or Transducer Disk or Magnet Pick ups and the way for their solution
• It also describes how to have from your guitar 2 outputs (piezo & transducer) connected to 2 different amps on 2 different room positions
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Hum is either a bad ground, a bad cable with a ground fault, a poorly shielded cable / preamp / control cavity, and/or the occasional polarity error between AC powered equipment. Then of course there's the hum source to end all hum sources, the single coil pickup.
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I've put together any number of piezo pickups for my collection of cigar-box guitars... They are all quite silent.

I used to get "microphonic" noises from the body of the instrument but mounting the piezos on silicone seal gel solved that. I use shielded cable, solid solder joints and other standard wiring techniques.

Also, very cheap instrument cables can be quite microphonic....As I discovered while tapping my foot!