Hi, Does everyone have a black background screen on UG?, I find it dificult to read the blue lettering on a black back ground. Can I change anything on my computer?
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Control Panel > edit profile > UG classic (bottom left corner)

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It's supposed to be brutal.

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idk wtf you're on about but i sometimes get this message

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In the 8 years I've been using UG, I have never seen that message.....

Maybe it only pops up during the day in the Northern Hemisphere, aka: when I'm asleep

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I think it only happened after they lifted the censorship, so it's fairly new.

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did they really lift the censorship?

test ******* ******

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test kitchen

Black is better than classic.
Twice the thread for twice the darkness for twice the brutality
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what blue lettering? UG black is a black background with white lettering as default and links are gold. UG classic , which it is by default, is normal white background with black text and blue links. There's not one with black background and blue text, unless whoever posts goes out of their way to change the color like this.

If you scroll down to the very bottom on the left there's a little dropdown where you can choose the style.

I prefer dark background with light text just because it's not as harsh on the eyes.