Numismatists know about the Black/Red books. Is there a Black book for guitars? Basically the guitar equivalent of a Kelly Blue Book?

It would be nice if there was a resource that listed guitar models and how much they are worth in various conditions. Does such a resource exist? I think something like that is critically needed in the guitar world...I see new guitars from the same manufacturer going for hundreds more on some sites than others. Plus the variance in used guitars (probably partially due to mods) is amazing.

The reason I ask...I found a Stella (circa 50's-60s). Looks like a parlour guitar, the guy wants $100 and the guitar seems to be in pretty good shape. I wouldn't normally gravitate to an old low end model, but I'm wondering about investment potential and those old Stellas have some cache (but granted, the old bluesmen were playing them pre-50s).
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I was at Ludlow Guitars in NYC a couple of years ago and, in the course of our conversation, asked what my old Epiphone 12-string might be worth. He reached under the counter, whipped out something the size of a telephone book and quoted a price range based on condition. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the book was.
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The Blue Book of Guitar Values. There's physical books and an online subscription resource,

Thank you!