I have always played acoustic, and finally decided to jump to the electric world, so pardon my ignorance. Really enjoying the experience but I have a problem - after I strum a string or chord, I get this fuzzy weird static noise that is very annoying. It will also stay there even if I'm not playing, unless I mute the strings.

Furthermore, if I put my finger on the bridge, the sound disappears. If I turn the tone knob all the way down, it also disappears (it's an Epiphone Les Paul Special II).

It's this normal due to being an electric or there might be something wrong with my guitar?

Thanks for your help
Hey man, thanks for the quick reply.

So you wouldn't say it's this guitar for sure? The seller was willing to trade it in for a new one, but if this is normal there is no point.

I thought the point of humbuckers was that almost no noise would go through? I guess I had too high expectations...

Doesn't this bother people? Miss the cleaner sound of the acoustic.
I couldn't hear the noise on your sound clip, so I'm assuming it isn't very bad. If the noise stops when you touch the bridge, that is also normal. I'm primarily an acoustic player, and I've just learned to live with electrics noises, plus use tricks like shielding to fix them and orientation to avoid them.

The two coils in a humbucker defeat mains hum, that's the low single note at 50 or 60 Hz, depending where you live. The near-white noise is rf, and is defeated by shielding. The original Seth Lover design has covers, and was intended to defeat both mains hum and rf noise. However, the covers can cause feedback problems, and take the edge off the tone, so they are a trade-off. - I personally prefer to live with the noise rather than lose the tone.
I heard a really high pitched sound, it that what you are referring to? @filipefortes8
My guitar also has noise if I don't touch to any of metal parts. I think it's the way it grounds the unwanted signal to me.

Edit: my noise is only audible with loads of compression.
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Yeah. That sound is there before I even pluck a string, but as you can see at the end of the sound clip, remains particularly after it. It's supper annoying with headphones.

I'm using my laptop as an amp modeller. So I guess the guitar is not grounded through a regular amp. Would everyone recording through Audacity and such have this issue?
Try unplugging your power cord. Laptop's transformer is a bitch if it's not properly shielded. It causes nasty noise to nearby microphones. I had this problem. I just couldn't record with my laptop plugged.
I'll try that and report

The problem, Blacknex, is that I can hear it even on the clean tone

Also, listening to the audio clip now, I cannot hear the stupid sound with my office headphones. But at home with both my gaming ones, with the Iphone headset, and through the PC speakers, the sound is very noticeable.
Oh my Gooooooood, you people saved me!

Unplugged my laptop and most of the noise went away! I was pretty satisfied with this alone but out of curiosity tried unplugging a couple more things... most light had no effect but then turned my aquarium light and pump off (it's quite far away) and it completely disappeared!!

I'll live with the aquarium one (or the fish wont)since it's very very faint but I guess I can just unplug the PC when using it or go far away.

Anyway, thanks everyone for you time and patience, your suggestions saved me from sending a guitar back! Cheers everyone!