Hi, I purchased a wiring kit (1v, 1t, and a 3-way toggle), and it comes with a wire to wire to a bridge. It would be nice if I didn't have too, considering i dont have a hole drilled. Do i need to do this?
okay... So it is nice to have, but can I ground it to anything else? I just dont' want to do more drilling
You should really ground it to the bridge. Grounding to the bridge means the strings, machine heads, bridge, and you get referenced, instead of...none of those. Some pickups (EMGs mostly) can get away without it, but in general it's not really optional.
It has to make electrical contact with the bridge and strings, and you can use some ingenuity to do it. I used a piece of aluminium beer can to connect the (grounded) horseshoe pickup plate to the bridge mounting plate. Use the multimeter to check for electrical connectivity. Eg, there should be no resistance between the strings and the output socket nut.
If you don't ground the bridge you get two problems.

1. Serious ground hum.

2. YOU are not grounded...

So if you can live with a little hum it comes down to this.

How much do you like getting shocked?

Bite the bullet. Drill a hole and ground the thing. I had to add one, I used a drill bit 18 inches long to drill an angled hole through to a spot I could get the ground wire to the bridge.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
The last LP I built without, no hum, no zapping when my palm touched the bridge either. try it. if you need to ground it you will have to pull the ferrule under the tailpiece and drill into there from the cavity. thats alot of trouble, compared to, try it without.
by the way, since before a bridge and strings are grounded, there is no electrical connection to the strings, how does one get shocked? (only with slight sarcasm) really, there is no electrical connection before the ground wire is applied. once that wire is applied, your body is now part of the ground system.
Even If I were to drill a hole, it would be difficult. The bridge mounting screws are tiny.