I have a roland microcube which uses a 4 ohm roland speaker.

I ordered a speaker replacement and unfortunately it came to me, 8 ohms, even though the size is perfect and frequency range is good. Tested the speaker with another amp and it works nicely.

The replacement speaker is also roland, but different model.

I have 2 options.

1. Use it as it is in the microcube, and put up with slightly less volume. Safe mismatch.
2. Attach a dummy load 8 ohm resistor rated for 3watts and wire it in parallel to bring the overall impedance down to 4 ohms.

What I am asking is, would option 2 result in louder volume since i brought the impedance down to 4 ohms, or option 1 would still be louder than option 2 or remain the same?

How much volume drop do i have to expect using a safe mismatch 8ohm speaker to 4 ohm solid state amp ?
Option 2 wouldn't be any louder because while the over all impedance is half, only half of the power is going through a speaker. The other half is being lost in the dummy load.
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you need a 4ohm speaker to get the most out of your amp
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OK I tested the new 8 ohm speaker directly with the mc.

I couldn't tell the difference in volume. At full blast, both the old and new speaker are about the same level of loudness.

But i then realized this new speaker is actually smaller than my mc speaker.

Turns out...the reason I was sent the wrong speaker which is 8 ohm, it's meant for the microcube RX...