Hi guys

To cut a long story short, I've been playing guitar on and off for about 15 years, but playing it badly. Well more simply than badly I guess, I can strum some chords, and do some chuggy metal riffing, but that's pretty much it.

I want to learn properly though, my musical tastes have expanded (still love chuggy metal though) so I'd love to be able to understand and play blues, rock, etc.

I have neither the time or money for lessons, so im looking for peoples advice on the best way to go about getting my playing up to a better standard.

All replies are much appreciated
To "understand" a genre, you just need to study and pick apart the songs. Whether it be with tab or figuring it out yourself. Not much to "blues" from a technical standpoint, so that isn't difficult. Learning all the shapes of the pentatonic minor will help you there.

Technique wise, using a metronome and playing only as fast as you can clean will do wonders.
Scales and Modes are a nice place to start. By practicing and memorizing all of the major and minor scales in order, you make yourself a much better improv player which is fantastic for playing with others. It's nice to hear someone say "We're playing in Am" and know exactly what you're going to play next. This is a nice article to get started on the concept:


However, keep in mind when I say "modes", I'm referring to the "wrong way" he describes at the beginning. I primarily use them to memorize the fret board in a specific key. There's free lessons everywhere on this, if you need help finding them or want me to explain something more specific, just send me a message anytime!
Thanks for the replies guys.

I should clarify that I do have time to practice, but with 4 young kids and a full time job, finding time for lessons would be pretty hard, in fact finding time for anything is hard! I do have some time at night though (when the kids and wife are asleep) when I can play.

Someone suggested that the Justinguitar.com introductory course might be a good place to start?

Has anyone used that site?