I think it is about time for me to venture out into this effect type. Budget is less than $100 USD, since I am not sure I'll like it. For the most part I understand what goes on and I think I will like it, but not sure so I'm keeping it somewhat basic. If a $100 comp isn't worth it, feel free to tell me to bump my budget or get out.

Definitely want it to be subtle, just a little bit of squish and tightness. I would also like an attack knob/function but at $100 it is not too common. I do want pick attack. I would rather buy new but used is okay. I'm looking at a regular Dynacomp mostly. I looked into the EHX Soul Preacher but from what I understand it distorts a lot easier and I'm worried about build quality, and the DC sounds better. As far as styles, P&W music of course. So alt rock, ambient, U2, etc. 9v center negative would be nice. Also needs to be the size of those pedals, no big-uns please. c:

Also looking into the Mooer Yellow, Spark Comp, Joyo.

often when i make "recommend me" threads, i go with what i originally suggested in my op. yes i've noticed that.
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I have a dynacomp and I'm really pleased. I tried a couple of other comps before purchasing including a CS-3 and a EHX comp 1 of which have tubes. I prefered the Dynacomp. Does not mean that the others were not good but, I favored the dynacomp. The dynacomp does add a lot of character to the sound and is almost like an effect so if you are looking fore something transparent look elsewhere. It is punchy and really helps cutting through. I play a lot of clean stuff with my band and I find this pedal very useful! I tend to add a slight hint of chorus (TC Corona Chorus) using this combination I am able to get a Great tone. Rarely I add overdrive (TS9) or digital delay (DD3). This pedal seems to fit in my rig perfectly.
I would recommend a diamond compressor. I absolutely hated the dynacomp. Noisey, lots of coloration. Utter shit. The Diamond is the way to go for me when it comes around.

Wampler has a nice one too, but it squashes too much for me, but it has a blend knob which is neat.
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I love Ed the compressor by Marshall, really transparent, but you'd have to buy used.

Really? Surprised to hear this. I've tried a few of the Marshall pedals, and although the effects themselves were OK the bypass completely killed my clean tone.
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I've used maybe half a dozen different ones, and my choice is off-the-wall. - A Boss LMB-3, I like the way the controls work - Threshold and Ratio, it is reasonably transparent for tone and attack, the subtle release can give a nice plunky sound, and the Enhance control can brighten up warm pickups. What more could you ask?

FWIW, I had a custom-built Dyna-Ross,which was switchable between Dynacomp and Ross modes - they have very similar circuits and action. I preferred the warmer tones of the Ross.
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