Hello guys ! I don't know if i'm at the good place to promote my preformances but since I am almost a full band myself, I'm sharing with you all the work I've done since 2012. I’m a musician and a music teacher for more than 1 year and i’ve created lot of covers, performances and interpretations for many guitar types : acoustic, classical, electric and bass. I’ve put a lot of energies and efforts to realise all those videos by myself. I link you my acoustic / classical playlist but you can search for my 62 performances directly on my channel. I’ve played many different styles so you’ll surely find something fit to yourself. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comments and most of all, SHARE if you enjoy my work. I try to live from my art and as everyone knows, music is the most difficult domain. Without a doubt, your actions can make a difference. I personnally thanks all of you and have fun surfing on my channel. Thank you all ! (Sorry for bad english, this is not my main) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7QV27AN_haPrlN0hr6PwIpq20INcHXaM