Hi all, I'm the developer of the Shreddage series of virtual instruments... Shreddage 1 & 2, Drums, Bass, etc. I've seen a lot of posts on this forum about our libraries, and so I wanted to sign up to help answer questions and post updates about when we have new instruments available.

Today I'm excited to announce that we've released Shreddage 2 IBZ, a new 7-string guitar for Kontakt Player featuring a deeply sampled Ibanez RG7421! Along with a huge pool of samples, articulations, and variation, the Kontakt engine has been redone from the ground up for more realism (new picking/fretting modes) and more flexibility (built-in amp/cab options, new mapping tweaks, etc.)

You can listen to audio demos here:


And read more about the library here:


Again I'm happy to answer any questions about this, take requests for updates etc., so just let me know :-)
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