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Car/truck/van etc.
35 64%
2 4%
2 4%
3 5%
13 24%
Voters: 55.
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
Right now I use my feet and public transport.

I like long train journeys. I fly a lot though so I guess that would be my favorite. Spending 2 days flying is like a mini-vacation where I can read a lot and catch up on sleep.
walking if it's less than three miles. Outside that I'm either getting the metro, or the bus if the metro doesn't work, but preferably a lift from my sister
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Right now I use my feet and public transport.

This.^ Luckily I'm in the part of town that has the grocery stores and malls within a reasonable distance. Gosh, I need my own car....
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Private jet for distance travel, gas guzzling SUV to get around otherwise.
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I would say a plane, but the whole security, airline business etc. makes it less enjoyable. So probably the car, only because I can go further, faster, and not freeze to death in -30 degree weather than I otherwise I would on my bicycle. For short distance a bicycle.

People who select bus are masochists.
I usually just strap a saddle on my 3/4 bald Norwegian Forest cat and go straight to where I need to go.
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If it's a long journey, I love riding on trains. Something just seems peaceful about them to me, especially if you're going through some interesting scenery.

If it's within walking distance, then I prefer to do that because it's nice and saves gas/money.

If it's anything between those two, then driving. I actually do love to drive, but it's not my favorite method of transportation.
I use the subway the most for practicality, but nothing like a long drive.
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Walking if it gets me there within half an hour.
Cycling if it gets me there within an hour.
I like both very much, but usually I walk in bad weather and cycle in good weather.

Don't have a car and/or driving license, so anything further than that is public transport for me, which I don't really mind. Spend a weekend at my parents' every month or so, and the train ride there takes about 3.5 to 4 hours. Most of my friends/family/colleagues think it's crazy that I don't mind that, but I just see it as a few hours of reading and staring out a window. What's not to like?
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3 pedals

...modes and scales are still useless.

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I love driving. I hate public transport and wish I never had to use it.

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Driving. I never liked public transport. Plus flooring it in a GTI is fun.

I want one really badly

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I would use public transport if the suburbs had any, and whats there wasn't so shady. Planes are fucking terrifying and airports and the whole business make it worse. Boats are cool, but then there is the possibility of rogue waves out in the ocean.

Trains and car rides are sweet though
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Car or plane.

Trains are just rubbish planes that can't fly.
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