I've played drums for 10 years now, but have never changed the heads. My last set was so,e cheap crap set.. I recently bought a set of 1992 Pearl Exports for $400. They sound great as it is, but the heads are about time to be changed. I can look a vid on how to change them, but does anybody have any recommendations on the brand of heads? Also, is there away that I could soften the sound of my toms? Thanks guys, really appreciate it.
Heads are a pretty subjective thing, hence there are a hundred different types to choose from. My advice to a beginner is to stick with Remo pinstripes. They are not the most articulate heads, but they are easy to tune and are really consistent. For your snare I like the Remo vintage ambassadors. They are a little thicker and have a great tone through the range of tuning. Im not sure what you mean by soften the tom sound. If you mean volume just hit them softer, learning how the stick angle and velocity affect drum tone is something that every drummer needs to learn.
Without knowing what genres you play and the sound you're going for, I'd stick with Remo Ambassador / Evans G1 clear bottoms on toms, Emperor/G2 on top. For snare, Remo Diplomat / Evans Hazy 300 bottom, Ambassador / G1 top. Kick is really subjective. II like the Aquarian Super Kick II but others hate it... Ambassador or Fiberskyn reso sounds great on anything, though.

These will get you a good middle of the road sound to start with. I really wouldn't suggest Pinstripes on anything other than acrylic drums or concert toms. Those heads are the fastest way to kill a perfectly good set of drums.
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