So I want to put together a complex tone control using a concentric pot and it's more the less reassurance from those who have used them before.

what I'm looking at is "center detent concentric pots" it's a stacked pot but what is throwing me off is the center detent aspect of it.

anyways my assumption is that there is just a bit of ruggedness or whatever word comes to mind like a classic blend pot at 50%. But it's still 10 is 10 and 0% is 0%. But yeah guitar pedal builders and all who use t hem I'd love to have some reassurance.
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Center detent just means it clicks in the middle so you know when it's exactly at 50%. No other difference to a regular pot, it's just a little kink in the trace so that the wiper clicks into place halfway through its sweep. Electrically they're identical to a non-detent pot.