I wanted to get myself a new overdrive/tubescreamer kind of pedal for about £40-£50 (about $60 - $75). Does anyone have anything to recommend me? Thanks in advance.
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err how about a tubescreamer ?! Second hand one would be that price

A new one isn't much extra...
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Digitech bad monkey or joyo vintage od if you want the tube screamer sound.
Digitech screaming blues or boss bd if you want a more luesy sound.
Boss od-1 if you want something different.
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I vote for Joyo (or Harley Benton in the UK/Europe) Vintage Overdrive. I have one and i don't plan on buying anything else right now.
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I'm going to suggest my new favorite OD: Boss SD-1. Cheap, simple, built like a tank, and great tones across the whole range

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+1 for the SD-1. Good pedal for the dough, and can easily be modded to make it even better.
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Ts9 = $99.00
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sd1 is great, though it's not identical to a ts and can have bypass bleed if you don't put another buffered pedal in front (funnily enough the cheapo daphon clone of it doesn't seem to have this problem).

considering you can get the ts mini for not much over budget i'd be tempted to go with that, assuming you don't need extra features and just want a bog standard regular tubescreamer (I haven't tried it, though). There have been complaints about joyo reliability, and while the bad monkey is great for the money (and the bass control is very handy), it has a tendency to sound a little "muffled".

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Ts9 = $99.00

not here it's not. it's actually more than that in pounds, usually.
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Check out the Digitech Hardwire CM2. They sell for about $40, used, in the US. I got mine as a throw in to even a trade and I wasn't overly impressed at first but the more I used it the more I dug it. Its a solid od pedal from gritty boost to medium crunch, gets along awesomely with any dirt pedal I try stacking it with, has "Classic" and "Modified" settings for added versatility (I've noticed I use "Classic" for humbuckers, "Modified" for single coils). My ears prefer the CM2 over the TS9, Soul Food, SD1, Bad Monkey and...gasp...Full-Drive 2 (For my purposes. The FD2 is far superior if you're only running a single OD/Dist/Compressor but the CM2 sounds good and gets along well with other pedals, for me it works better and booted the FD2, and the others, off my pedalboard).
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Love my Bad Monkey. I've only had good experiences with the Joyo pedals as well. Either should work perfectly and they don't hit your wallet too hard.
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Thanks for the recommendations. I found out that the TS Mini has got cheaper since I last checked but I need a power supply with it and since I'm only going to be using the one pedal I thought I wouldn't bother. I listened to some sound samples as well and the Bad Monkey does it for me.
I have a Bad monkey and it is decent for the price. But I have removed it from my board and I'm using a GFS Greenie classic and I like it better.
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