This is an extremely rare 1970's Sound City 1x12 guitar speaker cabinet. Looking for £80 for this.

The cabinet is in working condition, and considering the age, the exterior of the amp is in decent. The Tolex is coming loose very slightly on the back of the amp, but could be glued back on easily enough.

I believe the cabinet has the original 1 x 12" Eminence speaker inside, but without knowing much re speakers, don't quote me on it. The speaker sounds great for either microphone or guitar. Cabinet feels solid, well made, and as a result of the weight, we are looking for cash and collection in person. May be able to meet in person in Glasgow city centre or the surrounding area.

Feel free to have a look at our other listings, including one 1970's HH MA100 PA Amplifier Head and a matching HH 1970's Power Amplifier Head, both of which we've used in the past alongside this speaker. We would be prepared to sell multiple items for a discounted price, so feel free to make an offer.

Thanks for your time.
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