So I just bought a 2015 Gibson Les Paul sprint run studio, and it is absolutely awesome. The problem is I still have my Marshall MG30W that I bought when I first started playing and am not getting nearly the full potential out of the LP. I am looking at new amps but haven't gotten a ton of help. In the guitar shops the guys keep trying to sell me on a big 40 W or a head/cab. I want a TUBE combo, and my budget is around 500, probably 600-650 Max. I don't play any gigs so I don't need a ton of amp. Just enough to sound great and jam along with my friends once in a while. I was looking at some fender tubes, blues junior I thought sounded great. I want a good hard-rock sort of amp. My favorite guitarist is Jimmy Page and I want something that gives that bite he has (obviously I know I will never sound like Page but you get the picture) and still has a nice clean tone. I also looked at an egnater rebel30W, and it sounded great but I have heard they are super unreliable and I don't want to deal with that. I want something that is affordable, works well with pedals, and just rocks the house.

Check out the peavey classic 30. If you go used you can have some left over for some pedals.
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Peavey is your friend. The Classic series is pretty fantastic. The XXX combo amps are pretty nice as well if you want something with a bit more brootz than the Classic series. The clean channel is a bit more bland on the XXX, but it is a great base for pedals. You could also try to snag up a used Marshall DSL 40 combo. I had an Egnater Tweaker 40 for a while and liked it quite a lot, you might find that to be of interest as well.
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+64739283 for the Peavey Classic.

The DSL would do you right too
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Traynor YCV20s are very similar to the Peavey Classic. I've played both extensively. I prefered the Traynor's cleans and distortion. The Classic's cleans were cleaner, but the Traynor's had more character. However, the head room on the Traynor disappears very fast. It also pairs very well with a tube screamer.
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I would buy a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (40w combo w/ master) and get a pedal to get you some other tones.

Used HRD will run you around $400-450 and you could get a Beano Boost treble booster for about $150 and that is a great little set up.
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Orange TT combo would also be a nice addition to this list.

+1 for the Traynor but I'd say get the YCV50 blue - bit more higher gain on lead channel and you don't have to play it as loud if you don't want to but you can during jam sessions.