I bought this speaker originally to replace my microcube, but it was the wrong size/ohms/model.

It was meant for the microcube RX and not the original microcube. Got ripped off by the seller on taobao.com so no chance of filing complaints/refund.

Other than sending me the wrong item for what they advertised, I've decided to put this speaker to good use if possible. It is working and not damaged as I've tested it directly with some solid state amp heads I have.

I am thinking of building a small full range cab/speaker for amp modelers and this speaker is usable for that but need ideas of what else I can do with it.

So, tell us what you know about it. Size, impedance, power rating, sensitivity.... anything but just a picture. Looks like it won't be great for much more than low powered guitar at best, but you got anything besides a pic?