I'm about to record guitar sessions with my accoustic (with in-built mic) guitar. I've tried following, probably a dozen of tutorials and different ways of getting it to work but it just won't. The signal/volume level is too low. I've tried increasing it, but as I do, the static becomes louder and the guitar volume remains very low.
I thought maybe there might be something wrong with the in-built guitar mic but as I brought my guitar to the music store today, they connected it with their speaker and the sound was actually good and fully working so there can't be anything wrong with it? So I asked the staff if there might be anything wrong with my equipment at home (soundcard/cables) and he said he don't know, and he can't help me.
I'm using the following equipment:
- Acoustic guitar: eastone td101e
Stereo cable 1/4 inch: one end plugged to the guitar and 1/8 inch other end plugged to the external sound card, mic line in (creative soundblaster live 24bit), and the soundcard is connected via USB to my macbook.
Also worth mentioning is when I plug the 1/4 cable into my digital piano instead of the guitar the volume is increased and the signal level is good.
So my questions are. Am i using the correct equipment or is there anything else I've missed out?
As you've probably realized I'm a newbeginner at this and any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
You're doing it very wrong.

Head over to the Recording forum & read the Intro to Recording sticky.
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