Those leads are fantastic, my friend, so is the chorus-y part around 1:55, I'm digging the flow.
Also the outro, man this song is definitely too short.

Something sounds rather fizzy and unpleasant, but I'm guessing it's my laptop speakers' fault and not the production or anything like that. I'd say this is a very VERY good composition, congratulations!
ceci n'est pas un guitariste.
I agree with wobi_vengence about the fizz and background noise. Perhaps you may have mastered the track with too much limiting in an effort to increase volume?
Apart from that it's a great piece of work. Good guitar sounds. I also love the choir which blends in well with the song.
Thanks guys ! You are both correct about the fizz noise. There was indeed too much limiting and I also had an unwanted EQ boost in the cymbals which messed up the top end. I can't believe I didn't pay attention to it in the first place, I was too focused on the guitars ! I have made some adjustements and uploaded a new version on my soundcloud (same link). I'm still not 100% sure about it but I think it's a little bit better.

Anyway I'm really glad you enjoyed the composition, especially the choir because to be honest it's quite a pain in the ass to make it sound decent.
Awesome track.

The guitar tone is pretty much perfect and very reminiscent of early Dimmu Borgir offerings. Your playing is pretty damn tight too. I like your drum sequencing, you have done a really nice job of changing tempo and working in some cool fills. Both the synth strings and the Choir sound really good. Where did you get the choir sound from? The overall mix sound is good in general. I dont get any excessive fizz and it sounds clean, crisp and full. The only bit I would maybe change is the bass guitar which sounds a little too dry and plain - but traditionally black metal was never very bass focused so its a minor issue.

Cool stuff. If you fancy some C4C - I tried to make black metal here

Hey man!

Thanks for your kind word! Someone on another forum also told me it sounds similar to early Dimmu Borgir. I tried to make the guitars sound close to the abyss studio sound which you can ear in Dimmu firsts albums (EDT/ SBD), hypocrisy, etc... Not everybody like this kind of tone but I really do, it sounds great when quadtracking with harmonized riffs.

I still find it lacks a little low end, and the guitars sounds a little fizzy, I will try to improve on the next song.

Oh and yes the bass sucks I know, it's a crappy VST. I need to find a good tone for it with my kemper. Glad you like the choir, I'm using Eastwest Symphonic Choir.

I listened to your black metal song, this is really cool, I like it ! Great black metal riffs, it reminds me satyricon especially the vocals. The riffs and melodies during the "narrative" part don't really sound "black metal" but still they are very cool and melodic. Very good job !
That buildup sounds nasty. Old fashioned black metal sound, but without taking it too far ie sounding like it was recorded in a trash can a la Burzum.

The early Borgir influence is evident.

Holy shet. Dem leads. Tasty.

Pretty cool riffing between the leads.

The atmospheric parts are also nicely done, but an issue presents itself there.

The choirs and synths sound VERY clean and crisp, and that doesn't go so well with the rest of the track. If the rest of the track was crisp and "hifi" sounding, a la symphonic bands like Xerath or ETOS, the end result would have been fabulous. Or if the synths were low fi or unclear, that would have gelled well with the track.

Just my two cents.


C4C? Would really appreciate it
i love how the intro fades in like that! duuude sick guitar tone man.. I think your all around playing was damn good! great use of the sympathy and opera at the end, good stuff!
> GS LEAD 5 : Thank you! I really want to keep the sound of the orchestra sections as "realistic" as it can be. I'm working a lot on that. I'll leave a comment on your song, great riffs

> Metal Turtle : Thanks man, the image has inspired me a lot for the intro.

> aaron aardvark : Thanks, I know what you mean but I think this guitar tone is appropriate for this kind of music, but I'll work on it my next song. For example here I've used a VHT 100CL profile (it's not a serious composition):
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