Good day everyone,

I have decided to dive into recording things at home for some demo purposes, but in all my previous sessions I have had the pleasure of a tech-slave around. Meaning someone that knew what the bloody hell they were doing. Which I don't.

I have been informed by one such tech-slave friend that with one or other audio interface (in this case a Behringer UMC22) and Reaper this should be easy. And it would be, weren't it for the fact that I haven't the faintest idea on what goes where.

Playing I can do, cables I can do, but if there is a kind soul out there willing to put me step by step through the process of how to actually set both interface and Reaper up to work together I would appreciate it greatly. Currently I've found no more than videos and guides which were easy to go through, but still I get no feedback from either Reaper or Windows whatsoever that the input which goes from instrument, through interface into the computer has a signal in any way.

In short, the audio interface shows me that there is a signal, since it has a light telling me such. But from there I see nothing, so I get the feeling it's going wrong in between both programs rather than me not following the instructions for the latter properly.

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the world of recording!
Personally, I have almost no experience with REAPER (I've been a Mixcraft user since version 4), so I'd suggest going to the REAPER forum.
Rules for linking to other forums here is a bit of a grey area, so I'll just say that if you google 'Reaper forum' the top result will probably be the right one.

Best going to a dedicated place
Good luck!
TS, you're kinda in trouble with Behringer as unlike proper audio interfaces, they don't use
their drivers and rely on 3rd party drivers, in this case ASIO4ALL.

If you have a way to return the interface and get your money back and go for a proper interface, that'd probably be best. If not, you're in for a messy unsupported setup.

You can probably download the ASIO4ALL driver on the Behringer site:

There is also the "Getting started" guide which is probably bollocks but might be worth reading through anyway.

or you can look for newer on the ASIO4ALL site:

There are setup instructions on there as well.

You basically need to install the ASIO4ALL driver, find it in the systems tray, properly configure your Behringer device, then open Reaper and configure the audio input and output to point to that device.

Try these:
Good day all, thank you very much for the ideas and suggestions. I've since switched from Reaper to a different program, and gotten it to work properly. It does also sound a lot better somehow, far less compressed. I'll be stuck with the Behringer, though if any would know, what would be better options where it comes to interfaces.
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The solution is easy - just set the right driver in Reaper's audio preferences. It takes ten seconds and you only need to do it once.