What I saw in the girl's bathroom of the ancient crumbling high school. The plumbing was amazing gigantic toilets in a row stalls removed. This was old like 1920s plumbing and you don't know how big they used to make toilets till you've seen one yourself.

You could sense the ghosts of days long past. Model Ts perhaps raccoon skin coats and ukuleles, the old 23 skidoo. That's not what was scary about it. What was scary about it was in the girl's bathroom in those giant toilets. A row of them maybe 10 of them. I don't know maybe more.

The gymnasium floor looked like rolling hills. I don't know how old the building was maybe it predated the plumbing. It was like three or four stories high and encompassed more than half of a city block. They built a Sandy's next to it, tore down and replaced it with a Hardee's . They old high school building was torn down about the time Sandy's was.

I was arrested in that Sandy's once. I had my usual 2 hamburgers, had finished and was waiting for my ride. Manager told me to leave. I told him I was a paying customer and was simply waiting for my ride. It didn't matter. The cops came and hauled me off. No charges were pressed but the point was made, eat and leave. I saw my ride arrive from the back seat of the police car.
In those 10 or so toilets in the girls bathroom next to the Sandy's in the old high school was human feces filling them to the brim, all of them.

It was consistent in color and freshness. I remember it was a very light brown color. I do not remember any flies or maggots.

It was like somebody made it a point to go there and relieve themselves every chance they got.

But maybe they liked to break into that place all the time and just got so excited they had to prop . I don't know. It kind of scared me when I was in there. 50 gallons shit easy. Those toilets were almost 3 feet high they were gigantic and overflowing. I don't remember it stinking either. It was a sight to behold.
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