Something I've been working on for the last couple of days. It's relatively short, just over three and a half minutes long. I've at first thought of making it a solo acoustic guitar piece, but in the end I've felt like a richer instrumentation would complement it. I didn't write drums for this; maybe I'll add some later.

And I don't really have a way to decently record this using actual instruments, so I resort to the GP output for the time being.


Thanks in advance.
I liked the introductory theme then was pleasantly surprised to hear the bass kick in and eventually the other instruments. I like the changes in mood from playful to stark to dark. It's an unusual piece of work, the only thing I've heard that was close is Utopia... and I like Utopia!
Thanks for producing such an unusual piece of music.
Intriguing stuff but I like it, interesting harmonies and mood changes.
Some drums could be used to accentuate some passages and for the transitions.

Other than that, well done man !
Thanks for the comments. Maybe I'll add drums, I'm just not very good at writing them and I think this one should perhaps have very subtle but intricate drumming that blends and doesn't overpower the rest of the instruments.

Any more comments?
Thanks for commenting on my music.

I like the melancholic feel throughout, and particularly that little build up at 1:32. Sounds like a mix between classical music and the theme that plays in Lavender Town in Pokemon. My only suggestions are that it could use some proggy drums and maybe a little more progression. Good job.