I picked up this SG Special on Sunday. This is my second SG like this. It’s a special run from 2011. I think these were a Guitar Center exclusive that were blown out on President’s Day in 2012. At $550 for guitar and a TKL case I probably overpaid, but these guitars are hard to find. I love them because they’re as light as a jazzbox but I can use them with a muff and not get feedback.

The fretwork is good for a Gibson, although not on par with Epiphone. Gibson claims that this model had 50s neck, but it’s actually slimmer, and fits my hand almost as perfectly as a 70s volute Les Paul neck. The fretboard is baked maple. Interestingly the fretboard is flush with the neck, which it generally wasn’t on the 2012 baked maple models. Gibson lists the finish as worn, but these have a satin finish. I guess Gibson was trying satin in 2011 and decided not to put it into production, which is a shame, because they did satin very well.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture. It’s rainy season here in Boulder.
It looks great, which is always something isn't it? Satin finishes are really nice too.

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The fretwork is good for a Gibson, although not on par with Epiphone.

...Hmm? Do Epiphones usually have better fretwork than Gibsons? Pretty damn sad if that's true, especially considering that Epiphones aren't exactly known for amazing frets, even among their competition with other lower price point imported guitars. Shouldn't that be the other way around?
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...Hmm? Do Epiphones usually have better fretwork than Gibsons?

IMHO Epiphone does a better job rounding off the fret ends. Gibson tends to leave them a little sharp. I like them round like little bubbles, the way they’re done at the WMI factory that builds for LTD, PRS SE, and Schecter. Epi gets close to that, although moreso on the Les Paul Standards and up than the less expensive G400 series.
I generally wouldn't agree with that statement in my experience.

Pretty much all the Epiphones that I've ever played could've benefitted from a light fret levelling, just like virtually any guitar that's in that price range.
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Sweet an SG is still on my wish list, I almost had a special faded at a pawn shop a couple of years back, they had it behind the counter and when I got a closer look it looked liked it had been abused all the metal on the pickups and bridge etc was rusted there were some nasty gouges in the wood on the back, one of the pots were broken and it had one tuner replaced that didn't match so the price wasn't right for the condition

Anyway HNGD Rock on!
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