First of all I'm not sure I'm at the right place to ask my questions, but I didn' find a "contact us" link on this site.

A year ago I tried to sync my favorits between my Iphone and my desktop. Weird things happend as I was asked to activate my profile. I tried a few things like signing in with facebook, Gmail..., but nothing seemed to work. In fact now I've got three acounts! I already looked up that it is not possible to delete an acount and there's my big problem: My Iphone/Ipad acount has the username KD79 and is the one acount I want to keep (subscription, favourites...) but on the desktop that acount is not activated. When I want to activate it, it has a wrong e-mail (not mine). I also can not change the email to mine. The reason is that they are already in use... offcourse they are (facebook and gmail remember...)

Can someone please help me out?