Oooh I love a bit of panning, so liked the guitar arpeggio at the start of "Planetfall". I was just getting into the track when it all went quiet and this ghostly synth crept in. I thought here we go... the huge thrash solo will be now....but the track just ended! Fortunately it went straight into "Clarity" which was just the change in dynamics it needed. Superb stuff. I can't believe you guys programme all the drums, it must take you ages. "Recreate" starts of heavy then goes into this nice melodic riff that reminded me of Yes. All in all good stuff if this kind of music is your bag.
I'm afraid I only listened to the first 3 tracks but really enjoyed them which is surprising as I usually only listen to MOR music and never anything heavier than Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden at a push. However after 3 tracks of Phil's Musical Adventure I had to put on Neil Sedaka and have a nice cup of tea to help me unwind