When you were a teen/young adult? (or whenever age you were)

I used to work as an intern in this home for old people and my job was a bingo caller.

it was 6 hour shift since different people liked to play at certain times.

It was minimum wage and the people were nice.

Yes. I worked at a gas station when I was 16 about 2 or 3 days a week which is way younger than you're supposed to be and made $125 a week.
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I worked in a garage when I was 16 for a few weeks.

There was this one time when the guy supervising me said that he needed me to call the manager about ordering some new parts, as the 'fallopian tubes' that fed the brakes were leaking.

So I go to the manager's office and ask if he has any fallopian tubes in stock and he replies "well you're not going to find any here, mate"
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You mean like an actual, non-cash-in-hand job?

The summer I left school, I worked in a commercial laundry. Was young enough that minimum wage didn't apply for my first month, so £3/hour(to be fair, minimum wage at the time was like £3.20/hour or something, so not an enormous gap).
flipping burgers at a faceless fast-food corporation

quit that job like a month after working there
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Washing dishes in the local chinese restaurant. Got free chinese at the end of the night, every night, was decent Can't remember how old, probably like 14
Pushing carts and being the janitor at a grocery store. Did that for about 8 months and that was hell but then they moved me inside. Now i work in the meat dpt and now its all cool. Got my fulltime status and should be on my way to being a butcher relatively soon.
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Yes because I'm not an old senile man yet

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You mean like an actual, non-cash-in-hand job?

The summer I left school, I worked in a commercial laundry. Was young enough that minimum wage didn't apply for my first month, so £3/hour(to be fair, minimum wage at the time was like £3.20/hour or something, so not an enormous gap).

Ye, that still counts I guess.
worked at a greyhound rearing and spelling kennel, wasn't official and I only made $5 a week but it was cool
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Dishwasher. I did like 4 hours work and got free food. I was allowed to listen to music and the people were nice. It was better than my real job.

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First real job was building shithouses for my neighbor, who ran an outhouse rental business. He paid me a whole whopping 50 cents an hour (minimum wage back then was over $3 an hour) when I was 14. I didn't complain, I literally had to walk 50 yards to work and could leave whenever I wanted for any reason (or none). Made about $50 over a couple weeks, but it was still more money than I'd ever had to that point.

The guy who owned the outhouse business (he was rich, rented outhouses for concerts, special celebrations, etc) is dying now of testicular cancer. His motto was "your shit is our bread and butter".
My first "job" was a "volunteer" (I was paid) at a nursing home where my mom worked. I transported old people who were in wheelchairs and helped run the recreational activities. I was 14. It wasn't too bad except for the smell of the building.

My first real job is at Wendy's (international fast food chain, for those who don't know). Nearly four years later, I'm still doing the same thing, only in a different location.
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Worked at a local guitar shop. I was a bad employee...

...modes and scales are still useless.

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My first "job" was a "volunteer" (I was paid)

same; I worked at a library when I was 14 for a couple of months. I started out as a volunteer re-shelving books but then I started reading stories to kids too and arranging book displays and they decided to pay me for that.

(I had another "job" before that - my mom used to go to this lady's house for spa treatments when I was younger and I would go with, and the lady would have me paint her other customers' nails while they had their eyes closed during a facial/manicure and she gave me $5 for each customer.)

my second "job" was when I was 16, food prep at an indian fast-food place. It was easy but I only did it for a month since I was temping

my first real job where I didn't get cash in hand was at a clothing store when I was 18. I worked there longest out of the other jobs I've held so far actually, but I don't consider that a real job because I didn't even apply for it. they just asked me if I wanted to work there and I said ok and went in for a group "interview" but it was obvious that it was just for show. I made a lot there (some of the money is still in my savings) but it was an awful working environment and I regret it so much because it messed with my mental and physical health.

the one good thing about it is that I met this manager who i'm still friends with and after I quit he hooked me up with this other job at a club, since he quit that store to become a dj and he's doing pretty well so go him
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16. Tuesday's and Thursday's I cleaned up the scraps from the table saw at a construction shop and took it to the dump. If I got done that then I would do odd jobs on cabinets.
I worked at a burger joint when I was 14.

I was made to get a job because my mates cousin worked at a cinema, and kept giving us free tickets. So having no money Id hit my parents up for a lift, and for some money for food and shit. One day without warning my dad pulled up at Hungry Jacks, told me to get the fuck out and to not call him for a lift home until I had filled out and handed back an application form
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I remember the first first hand job I got more than my first actual job. I think I worked at a school
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Worked for the STL Blues hockey team. Did stadium set up, food running, waiting, bussing, bartending, and stadium tear down over the years there.
When I was 17 I worked at some local restaurant as the dishwasher. I got fed every night, got to listen to my iPod, didn't deal with people, it was a pretty sweet gig not gonna lie.
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I worked at the local zoo when I was 15 or 16. It was cool, the work sucked sometimes but on my breaks I got to chill wit da aminals
my dad's favorite bar when i was 12. washed dishes for $5/hr. good folks. the older fry cooks would give me beer. it was nice. in middle school, making about $100 a week with no responsibilities. those were the days.