So, I need to get a midi foot controller and not sure what I should be looking for. I play at home and I use SGear through Studio One. I want to be able to change SGear patches and control some parameters in Studio One or SGear on one controller. (ie I might have SGear set to use one patch and then I might want to turn on/off the delay, reverb, parameter in S1, etc..).

I have been looking at a few controllers such as Fractal MFC101, Voodoo Ground Control and the Peak FCB8N, as they seem to allow a combination of preset mode and instant access mode, which is what I think I need. Preset mode to control the patches and instant access for individual effects ?

I am on the right track or I have missed something ?
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Look at Midibuddy and Beringer as well.

Cheers for the other suggestions. I've had a look at Behringer and it seems to be OK product from the company based on user reviews. Shame its so big but price is good. From what I can tell I could programme buttons 1-5 to change SGear and use 6-10 to turn effects on/off without impacting the programs/patch.

I'll also check out MidiBuddy as well and see what that's about and if its available in Aust.
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The Behringer is really popular, even Gary Holt (Exodus) and Alex Peterson (Testament) use them while on tour.

The Voodoolabs is incredible if you can afford the high sticker price.

Also look at Ebay and other used gear sites, there are a lot of older midi controllers that did the job for me. I managed to buy for next to nothing an ADA, Peavey and Yamaha midi floor controllers that were used for quite a few years with no issues but I needed simpler channel switching, basically using 4 patches, your setup is more complex and is based on the digital computer gear and what will work with it. I don't have experience on that end, I just use Amplitube (mostly) when recording direct but no channel switches on the fly.

I think Rocktron makes a very robust midi controller as well, Dave Mustaine used it for a long time.