i like to play hard rock, classic rock ect like zeppelin. im 15 and saved up and got myself a 2013 gibson ljp (its an ljp not a les paul junior) its incredible for the music i like. but it was $900 aud. if you play metal and dont mind putting some time into fine tuning this to get it to play right then go ahead its a good guitar. if you play metal and want something you can pull out of the box new, tune then play fine you should go with a decent ibanez. thanks
PRS SE's are nice guitars. But I cannot stand the compensated bridges the 245 has. Not being able to adjust intonation is a terrible idea.

Though you can buy bridges that directly replace the stock one which will allow you to adjust the intonation of all 6 strings. If you do buy the guitar, measure the distance between the bridge posts and get an intonatable wraparound bridge of that size. Guitarfetish sells them for example.
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I am assuming you are in Australia, not sure of the going rate for a PRS SE there. Here in the US we do have the luxury of GC used, which great deals can be had.

On that note, what is the used market like there. I very rarely buy instruments new. You can save a great deal of money by finding an instrument used.

If you give us budget, location, new or used, style (bands, artists, genre) and your current amp we should be able to point you in a good direction.
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I had a comparable guitar (the Tremonti SE) and I own the SE baritone, too. The tuners on the Tremonti were absolutely horrible. One-step bends were a problem - the bent string immediately became slightly off-pitch. I replaced them with Grovers at my earliest convenience.

Also, the nut is a piece of plastic that is rather sharp. It hurts very badly when you slide your hand down the neck and bump it into the nut. I know from experience. You could hunt whales with that razor-sharp nut.

The Tremonti sounded nice though. I ended up selling it because I also own an ESP Horizon which was better at everything.

The tuners on the baritone are very solid, even though they appear to be the same flimsy ones the Tremonti had. The baritone plays amazingly and I won't sell it because of the unique scale length.

So, in short, the SEs are nice, but you might have to replace the tuners and possibly the nut. The bridge only accommodates .09 strings. Luckily, that was my preferred gauge, so I had no issues with it, but if you play with anything other than .09s you're in for a nasty surprise.
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I'm not too worried about the pesky details such as sharp bits, as It's my first decent or good guitar. Just want something that plays well on a good amp.