Hey guys, I just made some changes to and remixed an instrumental song of mine, and would like to know what you think.
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C4C as always, hope you enjoy it!
Good guitar sounds and great riffs. I really like when the solo piano and strings come in at 3:14 followed by the full band, it makes for nice dynamics. Same again at 4:40. It's much better having this mixed palette of tones rather than everything full on all the way through. The outro riff is superb.

I had difficulty hearing the snare drum and thought it could have been more prominent in the mix.
"Purified" is a powerful and groovy track which attacks the listener from different musical angles. At various times, the track touches upon different styles such as electronic, industrial, progressive, neoclassical... Well it's heavy! You seem to have a very refined musical vocabulary and you have no issue demonstrating it. As far as the mix goes, I felt like the bass drums and snare were a LITTLE low in the mix, but understandably the sweet lead riffage is the focal point in this track. There's also a nice combination of instrument timbres in this track. Well done!

0:15 I was not expecting to hear that synth sample! It ended up fitting quite well.
1:36 I'm digging the 'eastern' vibe in your riffs here.
4:17 Excellent, heavy riffage here.
4:40 The cleaner riff here reminds me of Tool.
5:45 The technicality of lead phrasing here is impressive.

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A great mix of styles on offer here and a huge array of sounds and instruments which is something I'm a big fan of. I don't generally go for synths over metal riffs but it works here. The heavy riffs are excellent and well executed. The riffs and drums around 1:45 are a particular highlight. The build to the outro is fantastic. Nice work- the track really benefits from top notch production. Only minor comment is it seemed to end a beat or 2 too early! Great stuff.

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