gone to watch the people dem
observe the humancy

down at
down at

they sell a ninety nine pence pizza slice there
tastes like school dinners

cold out
false bricks

dead pigeons between the buildings
all these shapes cause an unsettling feeling in my stomach
and i walk back past them and


cut out of the sky
hanging in block
like drunk
like 2d
cut out screen sets

i feel like i just watched 20 years of cognitive development in the space of one poem. it's like you wrote one line a year from age 6.

i get unsettling feelings sometimes too and i liked those lines and your form. breaking for single words works really nicely in this type of personal broken narrative. that's a compliment.

love is a dog from hell.

Very radioheadish, reminds me of one particular song from ok computer, it has that kind of flow, but the intend is totally diferent.
It sincopated in a similar way as dreams are.