Hi, I wondered if anyone had tried the insanely cheap Behringer XM8500 microphone?

I needed a vocal mic for a gig at short notice. I couldn't stretch to an SM58 at the time so thought I would try this Behringer clone of the SM58. I bought it brand new for £17 (they retail in the US for $20). I expected it to sound really cheap and nasty but to my surprise it actually sounded fine. I've since went on to record guitar with this, I think it lacks a bit of the midrange of an SM57 but it suits me fine. I like the mic and at this price I really can't complain.

Anybody else tried one?
Not that particular one, but I have tried a few cheap SM clones over the years. They are mostly perfectly acceptable - like you said, they aren't as good as the genuine article but if you go into the purchase with realistic expectations you normally won't be disappointed.
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I AB'd one against an actual 58 a little while ago. It's not awful! It was a bit harsher than the 58 (guessing around it's presence peak), and lacked a bit of the body, but not a bad substitute at al given the price!
I've used an XM8500 for recording and they are a bargain at the price.

This was a quick dirty demo I did a while ago using a Vox VT20+ amp with the mic in front of the speaker,


They are ok as a budget mic for Vocals as well.
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I got a Behringer XM8500 for my wifes karaoke setup , ( it's was cheap ) and it blow me away so put it next to my Sm58 and ..well it's not a Prefect copy I would say it has it's own Thing going around the same area and that's a very good thing,

it's SUPER value & a Excellent Vocal mic for sure, if you want to get technical the EQ is alittle difference but your being a dick if you want to get negative towards it,. any differences are Personally prospective. I can easily see an Vocalist preferring the XM8500 Over the Sm58.

IMO there's far more variance in guitar pickups labeled "Vintage PAF" then a XM8500 compared to an SM85.

my only concern is Built Quality, Behringer does do some super gear at 20% the price of the big boys but some items barely last the afew months while others i have had for year without issues.

it's a gamble but you can always but 5 of them for the price of a SM58 =)
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Hi T4D. Yes, you're right. I bought the Behringer simply because it was all I could afford, intending to use it only for one gig. However, I never got round to replacing my SM58 and now use an XM8500 for all my live vocals .You're right the EQ is a little different but nothing that can't be cured with a little tweak on the mixing desk. You're right about the build quality though, I have seen SM58s severely punished and dented and they still work a treat. I doubt the Behringer would survive a fall. But like you say, very cheap to replace and subsequently you don't need to be too precious about it and worry about it getting stolen.