Ok so like a lot of people I meet who pick up the guitar, I have no singing ability at all. So, I have been experimenting with mixing media and here is one of my best (I think) products so far...

Beyond the Outer Limit

Please let me know what you think and don't be afraid to be brutal, I'm a egomaniac so I can take it.
Terrific drum sounds, especially the kick, just wish they had been a bit louder. Some of the vocal samples are too loud e.g. "Attention!".

I love the post war vocal samples. These with combined with the repetetive backing track remind me very much of some of Bill Nelson's work.

I enjoyed listening to it and it held my attention, kept me wondering what dialogue would come up next.

I appreciate the Reply man. It's nice to hear another opinion. I love atmospheric music myself and try to add atmosphere whenever I can. Once again thanks.
I could give this a 10/10 just because it reminds me that Fallout 4 is coming out in a month.

I'm not a huge fan of the repetitive backing track with vocals samples approach, but subjectivity aside I think the production and the sounds you used are really good. Definitely a well made track, even though it might not be to my tastes.
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I get where you are coming from, I think songs with create melodies are more memorable, but I am also not convinced that pure instrumental tracks are memorable either. I mean if that were the case satriani would be the hottest act going. I also appreciate the repetitive comment as I never thought anyone would react like that. Thanks for the input