I am a bassist by trade...lol and I'm trying to learn chords and I can't seem to play the full chord, I can play the basic chords I just can't play the ones which require putting your fingers on a load of different strings can you guys help me?
10 to 1 you are trolling, but I'm bored so I'm going to answer anyway!

Can you give more detail? Which particular chords are you having problems with?

If I can't fret a chord completely I simply don't play the unfretted notes. You can mute them or just not strike the note. I've found it's quite easy to drop the highest or lowest note on a chord and not lose much, if anything. I'm not a professional but that's how I handle it. It's very easy, btw, to mute strings on the "outside" (high and low E strings for example) to turn a 6 string chord into a 5, 4, or maybe even a teeny little 3 note chord, especially if you have sloppy technique like myself and sometimes do it unintentionally anway, lol.

It's my understanding that most players don't hit all the notes in a chord anyway, but that is probably just be an old wive's tale.

Anyway...Tony or Captain will be in here and give you a better answer I'm sure
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