Hey guys and gals. I recently watched the Levon Helm movie on Netflix and have became obsessed with learning some of his songs. Unfortunately I was cursed with only being able to regurgitate a song from tab. With that said at about the 10 minute mark of the song he does a tune called Kinfish on the guitar and I would love to able to play it! Can anyone help?
Is this the song?...it is called KINGFISH not kinfish as you have ..but I am sure it was a typo...


I can possibly do a chord tab of it later as I have a few to do before this one...

Levon Helm: "Kingfish"
His cover of Randy Newman's ode to Louisiana governor Huey P. Long shows the drummer/singer at his ornery best, showing no signs that he nearly lost his voice just a few years earlier. He leans into the line "I'm a cracka, you're one too!" perhaps a shoutout to the Band's early name.
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I will have it done for you tomorrow ok... I already ran through it one time so all it is now is to tab it out and submit it.... Pretty straight forward song....
Well Don I can't say enough how much I appreciate you helping me out there. Tons of fun to play!