While guitar shopping on Craigslist I came across a Musima classical guitar with gig bag for $25. I haven't handled the guitar, but the picture in Craigslist looks okay (no obvious cracks) ... but just eyeballing the picture it looks like the frets are...um..."irregular".

I'd never heard of Musima guitars. The name sounds Asian to me, so I expected it would be a Korean/Japanese/Indonesian company. Imagine my surprise when I found that Musima guitars were made in EAST GERMANY!!! A COMMIE GUITAR!! I guess the company went tits up when Germany was reunited.

$25 for a classical guitar made in East Germany. It gets better though. Research shows that the Musima company was formed in Markneukirchen, a town with over 300 years of history in luthiery. Further reading states that Musima was about as good as it got on the other side of the Iron Curtain. I figure for $25 I could own a piece of history, even if the guitar plays and sounds like shit.

The guitar in question:

Where I learned about the guitar...a pretty interesting read!