I'm looking for some bands that play in Eb to change it up a bit since I usually just play E and D standard. And yeah I already know the obvious like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, GN'R, Van Halen, little bit of Megadeth and Metallica. So what's some good suggestions?
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Thanks for the suggestions! This gives me some new playing ideas
Baby Joel's rabbit profile picture is kinda cute. #TeamJOEL
Testament (the first five albums) are tuned in Eb.
If I ain't wrong, Blind Guardian, Alice In Chains are in Eb, and some Slayer songs too.
And like BazBlackett said:
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Thin Lizzy (post Nightlife).

They might not be 'metal' but they are brilliant.
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I suggest giving the band "Galneryus" a try if you like fast, prog-ish, neoclassical, melodic, difficult songs. Plenty of tabs on UG as well and they play Eb.

The band "Anthem" plays both Eb and drop C#, and is a fantastic band. Sadly there are barely any tabs out there.
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