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I think you may have just stumbled onto the reason this tread has had 50 looks, and no replies....

In any event, it's a new starter pack deal.

Where you are it's 220.00 Lbs. (No Pound Sterling sing on this keyboard).

Where I am, (USA), it's $235.00. I know, no justice right?

The moral of the story is, if you insist on buying one, I hope you live in the US.
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fwiw unlike gibson, fender never seems to "get" acoustics. gibson has produced numerous iconic guitars in both flavors, electric and acoustic while fender has not. for example:

-fender buys quality out-of-control tacoma for a shop to build acoustic guitars.

-fender buys guild and moves guild production from westerly to corona to the tacoma shop which is built upon a peat bog and borders a swamp.

-tacoma ships guitars with a clear poly finish that quickly blisters horribly and pays the price and dies.

-fender moves guild production back to fender's corona factory.

-fender then gives up on guild and sells guild to cmg.

imo, that guitar is an entry level fender acoustic with gadgets and it would not be for me -possibly a stocking stuffer. it might be great for you though.
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