I've had an HD500x for a while now, but have pretty much only used as a pedalboard for my amps or just for the occasional effect in a recording.
The main reason is that I've never really liked the amp models. They all sound far too bassy and muddy with air and hiss in all the wrong places.
Because of that, this morning, I set myself a goal of getting a serviceable metal tone out of it.

I used a 'Screamer' with the drive off, and then the Treadplate model and tweaked it for ages. It still sounds too hissy and muddy, so I EQd it quite a bit in the mix.
Here's the EQ curve I used:

I recorded it with my EMG loaded Explorer in Drop B.

On to the other parts of the track.
The drums are EZDrummer 2 with the 'Metal!' EZX with just compression on the individual outputs and a bit of reverb on the snare.

The bass is my SBMM Ray4 with Elixir 45-105s in Drop B (They were a tad floppy).
My bass tone is the bass with a slightly boosted treble and bass going into my SansAmp RBI, then into my Line 6 UX1 and into a bi-amped tone with one heavily distorted SVT and a clean SVT.

There's also some synthey stuff in the background.

Here's the full track (with isolated guitars at the end):

What do you think? Is it brvtal or dj0nt enough?
I liked the first half best. I thought the guitar riff(s) were rockin', and my head was moving to the beat. Even though you said it's a test, I still wanted it to continue as a complete song. You might say "Full song", but maybe that only applies to the mix. Like I said earlier, I would like to see the first half developed into a more complete song. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Thanks for the feedback!
I tend to write linearly as I record and stop as I run out of things to play... Or when I get bored of drum programming
I have a folder full of 100+ unfinished ideas and riffs this year alone. A lot of them will never see the light of day, but I have a browse occasionally to see if I can complete anything. Most of the time, I don't but hey, it makes me feel productive
Thanks for the crit.
Everything sounds good; good mix. I really dig the drums. I like the guitar tone. I mostly record guitar using amp sims so the hiss really doesn't bother me .
Overall, great heavy track.
Thanks for the feedback
My main goal with drums is to make them audible even with loads of other layers and the best way to do that is just to give everything breathing room (generally speaking. I'm working on something ATM which is going to sound very big and claustrophobic).