"Do I Care?" knocks you down into a muddy pit of heavy blues from the get-go! You have a great voice, but I felt like it clashed a little bit with the guitar's playing style. On my second listen, I thought your voice complemented the heavy riffage in a weird way. As for the mix, I got a little distracted by the cymbals' 'sizzle' throughout the track. The snare sounded a little thin to me. I really like your bass drum tone, though! I wish there was a blues-rock solo somewhere in this track. Overall this was a very enjoyable listen, thanks for sharing.

Here are some sections of the track which caught my attention:

0:04 I really dig that gritty, heavy intro riff. It instantly grabbed my attention and pulled me in.

0:37 The vocals caught me a little off guard. The preceding guitar riffs were so heavy and in-your-face and I felt like the vocals took away some of the power that the track had.

3:03 The transition was well-done here, but it would have been cool to hear some more lead phrasing from you.

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